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The world’s best poetry films are at your fingertips. Choose one of these packages–or build your own, custom Motionpoems show from our library of 120+ poetry films.

Screening package components:

Curated from our first ten seasons, film screening packages are great for sparking discussion and inspiring creativity. Poets, writers, filmmakers, students, and educators leave our screenings motivated to write, direct, and create their own work.

Each package includes:

– Current Themed Program

– Set of images and posters for print or online promotions

– Special add ons are available including a Motionpoems Chapbook, lesson plans, Filmmaker Q&A’s and more!


Want one of our themed packages below? Interested in getting your own, made-to-order program? We have a pricing package that will work for you.  Our Motionpoems staff can help customize special add ons including customized programs, poetry film chapbooks, lesson plans, discussion guides, filmmaker workshops and more.

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Package 1: Social Justice/Political


This package includes:

  1.  How Do You Raise a Black Child
  2.  American Arithmetic
  3.  My English Victorian Dating Troubles

Package 2: Black Lives Matter



This package includes:

  1.  I come from the fire city
  2.  Things I Carry Into the World
  3.  The Tao of the Black Plastic Comb

Package 3: Women/Gender/LGBTQ Issues


This package includes:

  1.  I’m Over the Moon
  2.  How to Make the Girl
  3.  A Day at the Mall Reminds Me of America

Package 4: Animated (not for children)

This package includes:

  1.  Render, Render (Kassube)
  2.  When at a Certain Party
  3.  Triolet for Laika, First Dog in Space


Package 5: Motionpoems for Children





This package includes:

  1.  Wayne the Stegosaurus
  2.  Weighing In
  3.  Monsters


Package 6: Motionpoems for High School Students


This package includes:

  1.  Once
  2.  The Painter
  3.  Famous

Package 7: Motionpoems for Undergrad-level Students


This package includes:

  1. The Mother Warns the Tornado
  2.  The Long Deployment
  3.  War Poem

This screening package comes with lesson plans designed to teach principles of poetry writing tied to each film!

Package 8: Coming-of-Age

This package includes:

  1.  Boy Saint
  2.  Falling Lessons: Erasure One
  3.  Western Civilization 

Package 9: Family



This package includes:

  1.  Don’t Be Flip
  2.  Cigar Box Banjo
  3.  Meditations on My Mother

Package 11: Love and Parting

This package includes:

  1.  The Imagined
  2.  The Long Deployment
  3.  From 35,000 Feet / Praise Aviaphobia


Package 12: Aging

This package includes:

  1.  How Smokes the Smolder
  2.  Old Astronauts
  3.  Poem of the Spanish Poet


10 year retrospective


From our 120+ film archive, we’ve selected our favorites—films for kids and grownups, laypeople and connoisseurs.

Create Your Own Theme!

Have an idea for another theme you’d like to screen?  Email us to set up a fully customized screening package!