I’m Over the Moon

I don't like what the moon is supposed to do....

No Yin Without Yang

Athena Kildegaard interviews filmmaker Jessica Hundley

MOPO_OTM_3Jessica Hundley is a writer, director, producer, editor, brand consultant, connector, enthusiast, all-around organizer and doer of things. She’s produced, written and directed award-winning feature-length documentaries and films; directed commercial, viral video and film projects for clients such as Taschen Books, Light in the Attic Records and Red Bull; written and edited books for publishers such as Taschen, Chronicle, Princeton Architectural Press and DaCapo–the list goes on and on! Check out her website for more details, links, and a description of her project with Dennis Hopper.

Here, poet Athena Kildegaard talks with Hundley about her motionpoem.

How did you begin the process of making the film?
I was very much inspired by the poem itself and the idea around it of a woman fed up with romance–I loved the play on the phrase “over the moon,” and I loved the raw anger and sexuality and violence of the piece. I stared to think about a woman getting ready to go out into the world and the idea of a woman dressing as a parallel with a soldier going into battle. She hides her vulnerability with fashion and swagger and uses her sexuality to her own advantage.

You say on your website that you make stories. How did your affinity for stories influence your creation of the film?
I always want there to be a narrative, a beginning, middle and end and a definite arc under even the most experimental and abstracted pieces. To me, film is a medium for not just sharing pretty/powerful imagery (still photography does that just fine) but also for striving to convey emotion and story.

What kinds of directions did you give the actress?
I chose Zumi Rosow because she is already a total badass. I didn’t have to do much more than to tell her to be herself, tell her she was pissed at the world and she was ready to go out and fight with her head held high.

What, if anything, would you do differently now?
If I had more money, there are probably plenty of things that I might have done differently in terms of production/post and lighting. But to be honest – I really wanted the look to be raw and punk rock and gritty – so the camera and lighting I used is perfect for that. I also wanted the crew to be minimal – essentially just myself and the actress – so the actress would be most comfortable with nudity and being vulnerable in front of the camera.

Which would you choose, and why: the dark side or the light side?
You gotta have both. There is no yin without yang.