Circles in the Sky

Dead things here get a fan club...

Poet Bob Hicok
Filmmaker Keri Moller

Circles in the Sky

Dead things here
get a fan club
of vultures. It’s cunning
to watch the sky admit
it wants to eat.
One vulture
tells another
tells another, theirs
is the largest wing-span
of sharing I have known.
What they’ll do
to my once dear
fence-leaping deer
is make it a dun sack
between road
and river engaging
in their voyages.
At least this hovering
of truly ugly birds
unless you look at them
reminds me to think
of someone I love
and prove it.
So if your phone rings
in a bit, it could be
sort of death calling
to ask, how’s it going,
as I sort of hope
you’ll be life answering,
Bob Hicok


Elegy Owed



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Poem ©2012 Bob Hicok, all rights reserved. Used by permission of the author and publisher Copper Canyon Press. Film ©2013 Motionpoems, Inc., all rights reserved.