Motionpoems: Our films are pure poetry.

After animator/producer Angella Kassube first animated one of Todd Boss's poems in 2008, the duo started introducing other poets to other video artists -- and a new hybrid form was born! Motionpoems is a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We partner with top-quality for-profit and non-profit publishers, film companies, and literary organizations. We create opportunities for artists to meet and work together.

Motionpoems explores the space between poets and other artists to create hybrid artworks that connect with contemporary audiences in new ways.


We do not currently have any open calls for submission.

Motionpoems partners with publishers and literary organizations to procure poems for each season. Poets retain the rights to their poems and sign a standard film contract with Motionpoems. Poems are selected from partnering publishers’ forthcoming titles and then offered to our network of filmmakers. We post occasional calls for submissions that are publicized in our newsletter and social media sites.

Alaska Quarterly Review, American Poetry Review, The Believer and McSweeney’s, Cave Canem, Copper Canyon Press, Farrar Straus & Giroux, Graywolf Press, Milkweed Editions, The Poetry Foundation, Scribner’s annual Best American Poetry anthology, Tin House, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, Wave Books, Write Our Democracy


Some video artists approach us. Others are approached by our season’s producer, which ensures a broad range of perspectives and aesthetics. All our film artists are offered a contract that protects their rights to their work. We offer them production oversight, collaborator facilitation, and audio supervision as needed. Film artists work from completed poems and are given free rein. A small stipend rewards video artists who complete projects on deadline and whose work is selected for screening.

We’d like to express our gratitude for our current and past producers: Claire McGirr (current season 8), Cori Cooperider (in-progress season 9), Jennifer David (season 5), Amanda Miller (season 6), Lisa Effres (YoPo), e.g. bailey (Spoken Word), and Carolyn Casey (season 7).


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A dozen poems are selected annually for public screening at our annual festival and premiere. Our premieres are co-hosted by The Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis-St Paul International Film Festival. Soon, we’ll add regional premieres, including Miami and Los Angeles, to our calendar. We release new motionpoems online each month. Talks are underway with regional and national broadcasters about distribution, and we welcome more such conversations.

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Angella and Todd tell the Motionpoems story. from Motionpoems on Vimeo.


Todd Boss, co-founder, Executive and Artistic Director, poet and public artist
Egg Creative, a leading provider of original and licensed music for film, television, and advertising in Minneapolis.
Claire McGirr, senior producer with many years of experience, currently at Smuggler in NYC.
Julie Stroud, grant writer
Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP)-MN, a leading resource for indie filmmakers in Minnesota.
Pixel Farm (Mpls), design, shoot, and VFX
Ramble Pictures (Mpls), film, edit, post and mastering

Jennifer Dodgson (secretary), Education Director, Loft Literary Center
Andrew Gamson, vice president, Established Brands, Inc.
Matt Piermantier (treasurer), Account Manager, Augeo Affinity Marketing
Andrew Reynolds, Executive Producer, Motion504
Daniel Slager (chair), Executive Publisher, Milkweed Editions
Jason Welsh, VP Sales, Lionsgate Films
Anne White, independent brand marketing consultant

Non-Voting Emeritus Board Members:
Angella Kassube, Freelance Motion Designer, co-founder of Motionpoems

Emeritus Staff Members:
Saara Myrene Raappana, former communications director, poet and fiction writer

Our look–logos and branding, the shine on our shoes, the pep in our step–is designed by Knock, Inc. of Minneapolis.



And of course, none of this would be possible without the generosity of our donors. Special thanks to all who donated in 2018:

Samantha Adams, Hannah Anderson, Kate Angus, Yvonne Apollonio, John Asalone, Stephani Atkins, James Barry, James Bartlett, Ian Bearce, Roger Beck, Sidra Bell, Clyde Bellecourt, Bennett Bennett, Savita  Bettaglio, Lisa Berg, Karen Berkowitz, Ben Bettenhausen, Weston Bingham, Yana Bovenistier, Katie Bratsch, Diana Budds, Janet Burroway, Robert Campbell III, Andrew Carlson, Anders Carlson-Wee, Danika Casas, Alexandra Chelaru, Ting Ting Cheng, Georgios Cherouvim, Tiana Clark, Andrew Colon, Rebecca Collins, Tamara Conyngham, Lisa Condemi, Samuel Cook, Miles Coon, Heidi Czerwiec, Rachel Czipo, Daniel Daly, Jennifer David, Jordan Deckenbach, Maya Delany, Danielle Dillon, Kate Dolan, Jean Dolittle, Mohamed Echkouna, Jeremiah Edwards, Hervey Evans, Michael Fanuele, Meg Farrington, Larry Fisher, Scott Foley, Robin Frank, Taylor  Franklin, Tushrik Fredericks, Jake Friedman, Brooke Furley, Jessica Furuli, Andrew Gamson, Rocio Garcia, Todd Gilmour, Michael Girandola, Aaron Greenberg, Rachel Greene, Wendy Gonzalez-Baez, John Goodman, Kim Goodman, Sue Goodstar, Jocelyn Hagen, Kieran Hanrahan, Katherine Hanson, Mohammad Hammad, Paul Harstad, Morgana Hasil, Headmistress Press, Trace Henderson, Mallory Capri Henson, Jenny Hermanson, John Hermanson, Bettine Hermanson, Pat Hermanson, Pat Heywood, Liz Higgins, Jane Hirshfield, Janet Hodges, Lisa Hollingsworth, Constance Holmes, Graci Horne, Jennifer Huang, Johanna Hynes, Sonja Ina, David Ingle, Donna Isaac, Gallery Ivy, Jackie James, Miles Jay, James Jelkin, Stephanie Johns, Julie Johnson, Cheri Johnson, Rhianon Jones, Laura Keller, Tom Keller, James Kempf, Tiernan Kennedy, Jean Kilbourne, Mary Knox, Nick Korompilas, Tim Kramer, Brian Kruse, David Kruta, Allison Kunzman, Jenny Landon, Anais La Rocca, Lizi Latimer, Jamal Lavar, Diane LeBlanc, Jessica Lee, James Lenfestey, Marjory Levitt, Drew Lewis, Crystal Lieb, Gisela Limberg, Cynthia Louissaint, Misa Lucyshyn, Jeanne Lutz, Erik Madsen-Bond, Victor Magro, Karlene Magnuson, Tom Mahoney, Katherine Malaga, Monty Marsh, Thalia Mavros, Timothy Mayo, Greta McClain, Georgia McClure, Jamil McGinnis, Ethna McKiernan, Elizabeth McNerney, Thomas Meyer, Rene Meyer Grimberg, Amanda Miller, Patrick Milling-Smith, Marita Mohr, William Mohr, Amhalise Morgan, Fernando Morillo, Jane Morledge, Alliah Mourad, Harald Musum, Susan Nackers, Arianna Nason, Susannah Nevison, Sarah Ogutu, One Man, Devon Overstreet, Tabitha Ozturk, Sophia Parker, Doug Pearson, Loraine Peone, Tia Perkins, Gene Peterson, Pied Piper, Inc, Hila Plitmann, Edu Po, Aran Quinn, Lydia Rahill, Colin Reilly, Andrew Reynolds, Ty Richardson, Kara Ries, Brian Rigney Hubbard, Niall Rogers, Lee Roripaugh, Julie Rosenbaum, Jake Runestad, Robert Ryang, Joshua Safalow, Jonathan Saunders, Adam Schnee, Chris Schneider, Sarah Schoenholtz, Angie Schoemer, Sarah Schulz-Arnold, Heidi Schuster, Daniel Scott-Croxford, Sanjana Sekhar, Shauna Seresin, Nate Seymour, Rachael Shearer, Nargis Sheerazie, Casey Showalter, Karen Sideris, Patrick Siegrist, Liz Silver, Ryan Simon, Andi Skrukrud Hughes, Katherine Smith, Philipp Smith, Penny Snipper, Ron Spatz, Cian Speers, Emi Stewart, Rebecca Stibbe, Michael Straher, William Stobb, Carol Stoddart, Nellie Stokeld, Amy Stoner, Julie Stroud, Mckenzie Stubbert, Darleen Tareeq, Tamayo Toler, Jean Tomasko, Erica Thompson, Tash Tung, David Unowsky, Emily VanCook, Wesley Volcy, Scott Winters, Leigh Vorhies, Xiaolu Wang, Jason Welsh, Marty Wetherall, Tammy Darrah Wenberg, Amy West, Anne White, Liz Yang, Din Yates, Jai Yates, Tiffanie Young, Kathleen Zappa, Marianne Zarzana, Leal Zielinska, Gillian Zinzer, Deborah Zvosec.